Top security issues in WordPress CMS

wordpress security

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System available to build websites. As every popular tool, it has been addressed by hackers, and attacks are not rare. As an open source, a secure WordPress is a utopia, and improvements are not addressed as fast and accurately as most users would want. In particular, the less rated security issues are not addressed, but most vulnerabilities get listed eventually.

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How to Check your Website for Malware

virus detection

Your website needs to get protection from hackers. Think about your web page like a retail store. It is open to everybody, and some criminals might target it. The way hackers take over a website is by installing malware on it. Nobody wants malware, and you must regularly scan your website for malware, backdoors, viruses. To check website for virus is also important. Most antivirus has some malware removal tools, but the website malware check also addresses other problems.

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