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How our security package will work for your website. After payment has been made, we will fully analyze your website, clean it and install our security tools (depends on the package options).

The main idea: We control the security of your website. You just get the reports. If any issue or unusual activity is detected, we automatically login to your website/server and fix the issue. We are monitoring your website 24/7/365 to keep your business & website clean, safe and secure.

Focus on your business and leave security to us.

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Really efficient service. Technicians are really competent, serious, and nice ! We are a french digital agency, and we are really happy to work with us. Read more...

SiteGuarding is super
excellent is super excellent. This company has always helped me. Everything I have asked for has been resolved very soon. And it keeps monitoring my page very often. I recommend it. Their employee are very professionals and they are great. Read more...

These guys are

These guys are awesome, seriously a great value for their service. They went WAY above and beyond to make sure my site was protected and was cleaned! Read more...

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Our Security Plans

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6.95 USD/month
with discount 79.95 USD/year
per website
9.95 USD/month
with discount 107.95 USD/year
per website
19.95 USD/month
with discount 205.95 USD/year
per website
99.95 USD/month
with discount 995.95 USD/year
up to 5 websites
Protect Your Website Protect Your Website Protect Your Website Protect Your Website
Multisite Offer
Clean & Protect up to 5 sites
just for 299.95 USD/year
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Multisite Offer
Clean & Protect up to 5 sites
just for 599.95 USD/year
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Best solution for small personal sites small, medium personal and
business sites
big personal and business sites
big business sites
Website Antivirus PRO
Heuristic algorithm to detect
unknown viruses
Website Firewall
Attack Analyze & Prevention
SQL Injection Prevention
XSS Attack Prevention
GEO Blocking
allow or block access to website or
admin area from certain countries
Block unwanted bots
Malicious & Harmful Bots Protection
SSL certificate for 1 year      *
for each website
Server-side scanning &
file change monitoring
Amount files for analyze Max 10000 files Max 25000 files Max 100000 files Max 800000 files
Hack/Injection detection
(SPAM, Viagra, porn and etc)
Analyze all changes on website
Scan period every 24 hours every 24 hours every 12 or 24 hours every 1, 3, 6 or 12 hours
Virus detection
unlimited pages

unlimited pages

unlimited pages
Hack Prevention
Bruteforce Attacks Prevention
Attack detection
unlimited pages

unlimited pages

unlimited pages
DDOS Attack Prevention
Free Malware removal
if your site is already hacked
only with yearly subscription
Malware removal &
extra services
  - Hack repair and restoration
(once per month)
max cleaning time is 48 hours
- Hack repair and restoration
- Trojan detection
- Vulnerability repair
- SEO poisoning recovery
and etc.
(Unlimited times)
max cleaning time is 3-6 hours
- Hack repair and restoration
- Trojan detection
- Vulnerability repair
- SEO poisoning recovery
and etc.
(Unlimited times)
max cleaning time is 1 hour
Server log analyze & investigation  
Blacklist removal
(Google, McAfee, Norton and 50+ more)
Spamlist removal
(Spamcop, Sorbs, Ivmsip and 100+ more)
Blacklist monitoring    
Website scripts/codes analyze and bugs fix
to avoid possibility for future hacks
Website Technical support
- Extension Installation
- Troubleshooting
- Maintenance
- Upgrades
on request

Custom Web development &
Website Maintenance and Administration
on request

on request (25% OFF)
Website backup    
free with yearly subscription
Email Notifications & Alerts
Security Experts and Engineers
Free Consultations
Support Response time 24-48 hours max. 24 hours 3-6 hours 1 hour
Free protection for subdomains **    
2 subdomains
only with yearly subscription

10 subdomains
High priority website analyze
and cleaning (within 30-60 minutes)
only with yearly subscription
Transfer license to another domain No No Yes (once per 3 months)
only with yearly subscription
Yes (once per 3 months)
5% OFF for yearly payment 10% OFF for yearly payment 15% OFF for yearly payment 17% OFF for yearly payment
* - with yearly subscription only
** - subdomain it means a part of the main domain (not addon domain on your hosting account) e.g. or extra folder with your forum or blog or other CMS, e.g.
Important note: if you host several sites on the same hosting account, all sites have to be protected or separated. If you keep infected sites on the same hosting account, all sites on the same hosting account will be under the risk. Read more


Are You Developer? or Owner of Multi Websites?

Get multi-sites license and save up to 45% OFF

5.00 USD/month
per domain
10.00 USD/month
per domain
Get Multi-sites License Get Multi-sites License
5,10,15,20 websites license 5,10,15,20 websites license
Yearly billing Yearly billing

Do you want to protect more than 20 websites? Please contact us to get special prices.


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