50 GB Secured Backup Account

Siteguarding Website Backup is a premium backup service that automatically protects your webpages, databases, files, and emails. Backups are done incrementally to ensure efficient, accurate data storage.

3.95 USD/Per Site

10 GB Secured Backup Account

Once you have purchased one of our Backup Service Plans your entire hosting account will be backed up in a remote data center. With this service your website will be backed up entirely without you having to do any work.

1.95 USD/Per Site



Every three or five days automated backup of website files, databases, and emails. Easy recovery and restoration of your data from previous versions.


The problem with so many website security companies is that you never get to talk to a real person. At Siteguarding, our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Your safety is our goal. We work hard 24/7 to protect your business and your customers. At Siteguarding we’re committed to your complete satisfaction.


Website Backup and Protection

The hacking of the websites is common. The hackers hack several websites on the daily basis. The hackers gain the control over the website, and this may result in losing the data of the website. The hackers do not know the importance of the content that was created with such hard work. Some of the hackers enjoy while committing the cyber crime. 

The hacking is an important issue, and the webmasters are aware of the situations. The websites might lose all the data, content, and files. But the owners of the website do not consider the importance of the website backing up. They do not need to have the website backup. It is important as it keeps the files and the content saved and makes it available once the webmaster regains the control over the website.

The idea of storing the files, content, and data on the computers is considered to be right and safe. People think that storing the data on the computer will be safe, and there will be no issue regarding it. But have you ever thought that what happens if the machine got some errors? A computer is a portable machine so it can be lost or crashed. You cannot trust on a machine as well. The data in the machine will be lost for always. So backing up the data is very important same as website protection. It is practical to have your data stored somewhere so that you can use it in the catastrophes. The website backup services are particularly for the data storage so the people might take it seriously.


Wrong Updates


The updating of websites, systems, programs and other features is important. Every system whether it is related to computers or online sites, the updating is important, and it is done on regular basis. The websites are regularly updated.

The updating might include the features like safety, security or solving any issues. The webmasters know that the websites are at risk when they are updated, so they need a proper backup in case of any damage. The webmasters must use the website backup services before they update their system so that they can be feeling secure in case the updates may go wrong. The entire website can get offline for a particular period, and the components of a website like plug-ins, software, themes, and back-end programming might be at risk.


Malware and other issues

The websites can be subject to various issues like Trojan horses, viruses, and other malware. These may affect your website the website through other parties that the webmasters consider being safe. These activities enter your system while breaking the firewall armor. They get downloaded with other files that may cause harm to your website and computer. Keep the backup through the website backup service is very important. It will give you safe and secure running.

Human Factors

Sometimes, the data is lost or crashed by the human errors. Sometimes your mistakes are big enough that will cost you losing the important data. Keeping the backup and extra storage will help you revive the data. It is very important and many different website backup services are available to keep you safe and sound.

Reducing the Damage

When you work effortlessly on your website to make it prominent among others, you have to know about the risks and issues attached to it. Your data, content, and files are not safe. But by keeping the backup and getting the right ‘website backup services’ will help you reduce the damage. If something ever goes wrong, the backup will be your support.

How you can backup your website?

There are various ways that can help you backup your site and here are some;

  • Get to know the companies that offer website backup services.
  • Visit our Services page to see how can we help you
  • Look for your web host, if they offer the backup services.
  • The backup plug-in must be installed on the site.
  • Save your data on your computer.
  • The cloud data storages are important.
  • Zip your data and send it to yourself to keep it safe.

Backing up the website is very important as the owners must not take risks of losing their business. Starting your business from the scratch is not an easy thing so keep the security of the data that is available. The website backup services and awareness articles give the information about the importance of the website backup. As many cases are seen in few years that made the webmasters regret their ideas and business.

Disaster happens!

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It is extremely important to have your website backed up regularly. The website backup means that you can have a similar copy of your content and data with you. You can keep it safe. Whatever happens to your website, the data will be available to you, and you can use it later. There are various websites that provide website backup service. These services are common as the webmasters know the importance of the website backup and the website backup service.

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Some of the webmasters usually deny the use of the website backup. They neglect the idea of backing up the website as they do not know the importance. Later, sometimes the webmasters miss the idea of the backup that provides complete safety to their data. You cannot bear the pain of losing your data forever. It is hard to assemble the data and organize it but then losing it. It is a nightmare for the webmasters but still they deny it. You listen to some stories daily that particular or specific popular website has been crashed. These things are common as there are various reasons that could cause the website to lose the data. But still, the webmasters do not know the importance of the backup. And they do not want to accept the website backup service.

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