Website Development Services


Since 2008 we offer website development services, administration, and support of websites
of any complexity on any CMS. We have been working with different CMS and e-commerce platforms.
SiteGuarding is a website development company with over a decade of experience in building
world-class solutions from corporate portals to eCommerce stores.


Agile Methodology

Active communication with our clients and frequent reporting allow us to boost performance and introduce functionality changes flexibly along the way.

Code Quality

Code Quality and your website security is our primary goal. We maintain сode style guidelines and best practices around source code across all teams.

Full Cycle Agency

SiteGuarding is your one-stop shop for website and web app development. We will help you conceptualize, build and maintain your website or app.



For more than 10 years we offer professional website development services for different industries to customers from all over the world.
Our website development company with a team of professional web developers offers end-to-end services including web site portal development,
eCommerce store development, and more.


Website Development Company

SiteGuarding is a website development company that provides services in website development, website implementation, plugin development, and customization. Our website development company offers a wide range of services: PHP website development, website performance optimization, any CMS setup, and implementation. For more than 10 years we have been developing websites for different niches from corporate portals to complicated eCommerce stores.

Professional Website Development

We have been offering professional website development services since 2008, as well as the development of modules and plugins for various CMS. We have extensive experience in e-commerce and development for CRM and ERP. When you decide to work with us on your project, you can be sure that you will receive quality coding, an individual approach, and optimal assistance in the implementation of your ideas.

Enterprise Portal Development

At SiteGuarding we offer full-cycle of enterprise portal development services to businesses of all sizes. We build corporate web portals, social networks and online communities, enterprise information portals, and industry-specific portals (healthcare, finance, cryptocurrency, eLearning, etc). Features we integrate into enterprise software solutions: content management, user management, instant messaging service, e-mail services, billing & payment processing, and lots more.

Website Development and Promotion

In the development stage, we always have an SEO specialist working together with the programmers. His task is to optimize the website for its further promotion in search engines. We do not just build you a website, we create a solution that will help you become visible for your customers and get your business to the next level. All our developers are familiar with SEO best practices so you get ready-to-go Google-friendly solution that fits your business needs.

eLearning Portal Development

eLearning is very important to the success of educational institutions, communities, businesses, and individuals. We offer end-to-end eLearning Portal Development services to help businesses of all sizes to develop and implement e-learning solutions for their needs. We will help you to make your learning activities more captivating and dynamic.

Web Portal Development Services

SiteGuarding provides full-cycle web portal development services. Our dedicated team of website developers is able to deliver portals of any functionality for all businesses and industries. At SiteGuarding we specialize in customized web portal development and can build your portal that will help you get more customers, automate business processes, and get you ahead of your competitors.

Health Portal Development

We offer Healthcare Portal Development to clinics and hospitals and insurance companies. We can develop portals to automate your business processes and help you get ahead of your competitors. We will help you develop a portal that will make life easier for you and your patients. We create healthcare solutions that work, just tell us what you need and our experienced developers will help you get your business to the next level.

Social Network Development

We offer a multitude of social media websites and app development services: dating portals, community websites, large social networks, and much more. We have been developing custom social networking sites, social media communities, social media games, and social media portals. Our experienced social networking developers will integrate any features you want into your project: chats, forums, information sharing, and exchange, find friends, and much more.



Other Website Development Services

Putting together our expertise in website development and information technogolgies, we help companies drive
more customers and sales through their website.

Website Extensions

Our web developers provide expert CMS plugin and extension development and module architecture services to our clients. We offer a variety of web development services from building simple plugins to a complicated e-commerce extension.

CMS Migration

No matter what CMS you are using (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, etc.) we will help you migrate your site to any other CMS platform. Our engineers will transfer all website data, images, URLs, modules, and SEO settings.

Mobile Optimization

Our web development experts will help optimize images, improve code issues, site structure, improve load speed to make your site mobile friendly. We can also handle minification, identify unused CSS, compress images an more.

Front-end Development

Whether you need a few modifications on your website or new theme installation - our frontend developers will be happy to help. We can optimize your website for mobile, help you resolve CSS issues, increase page load speed, and more.

Back-end Development

Let our experienced web developers and senior engineers get to design and build the core of your website. With our backend development services you don't have to worry about website security and code quality, this is our primary concern.

Managed Services

At SiteGuarding we offer a full service Managed Services offering that includes 24/7 support and maintenance that is able to handle even the most extreme and complex cases and issues with your website or web application.


Website Development Services

When developing websites, we take into account our customer's wishes. In case of any technical questions, we provide free advice from our programmers, SEO specialists, and engineers to achieve maximum results. Our task is to help you find the easiest, cheapest, and most efficient way to achieve your goals. If you only have an idea but don't know where to start with the implementation, we will help you create a project specification, point out the shortcomings, and provide you with an optimal solution for your project.

Code Quality

We pay special attention to the quality and safety of the coding process. Our applications have been tested and approved by WHM, Magento, WordPress and other marketing tools.

Website Security

We specialize in the development of security modules for all known CMS, and ensure you that all our developments are free from flaws and bugs.

Personal Manager

From the very beginning of your project, you will be assisted by a personal manager who will help you to implement your ideas as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Website Development and Promotion

The promotion of a website begins at the stage of its development. Many agencies don't take this factor into account, and as a consequence, the customer has to pay afterward for additional modules and optimization of the site. We have the development process set up in such a way, that from the beginning on, our SEO specialists configure and optimize the site for further promotion in search engines. This means that you get a product that will meet all your requirements, as well as the requirements of Google and other search engines.

Free Consultation

Firstly, our manager will work with you on a detailed project specification to find the easiest and most effective solution for your project.

Validation of Plans and Costs

Second, we estimate the cost and time frame of your project. At this stage, you can make some adjustments and changes to the functionality and finalize the terms of reference to ensure that they meet your requirements.

Website Development

After agreeing on the timing and cost of the project, our experts will start to work on their personal tasks inside the project development. In the entire duration of the project, you can follow up the evolution of the process, as well as make any necessary adjustments.




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No matter what you need - a small website development or complicated marketplace implementation, we are here to help. Our web development team focuses on our customer's needs and demands, high quality of code, and timely delivery.