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Antivirus Website Protection by Over 100 thousand website owners rely on SiteGuarding Antivirus Website Protection to keep their websites safe. Subscribe to PRO version and get all benefits of absolute security. Remember: Protecting today, securing the future.

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Why Antivirus Website Protection?

Every website needs protection. Even if your website does not have a lot of traffic it can be attacked by hackers. Our website antivirus helps you keep your website secure by identifying weaknesses that a hacker can use to get access to your administrator's panel or infect your visitors with spyware and viruses.

We take website security seriously. Every day our antivirus helps hundreds of website owners to remove backdoors and malware from their websites. Our product uses absolutely unique heuristic algorithm to detect Backdoors, Viruses, PHP Mailers, Redirects, rootkids and etc. Even if the virus is not in our database our antivirus can detect it by analyzing file's code.

Every day we get reports from our customers all over the world. Our engineers analyze each infected file our customer's sent to us - this is what makes our product unique. We receive infected files form thousands of people from all over the world and every day we add them to our databases.

What you will get

Absolutely unique antivirus solution for your website.
Possible to use on any CMS and any website.
Deep scan of every file on your website.
Daily cron feature (automatically daily scanning of your website).
Daily update of the virus database.
Strong and unique Heuristic algorithm to detect unknown viruses.
Malware removal and code analyze service Premium
AI Guard: AI-Driven Cybersecurity for Advanced Virus Protection with Intelligent Threat Analysis Premium
Professional support from our security experts.
and much more

Main features

Smart and Fast Malware Detection Smart and Fast Malware Detection
With our cutting-edge web antivirus, you can detect malware quickly and efficiently. Our advanced scanning technology identifies and neutralizes threats in real-time, ensuring your website remains secure. Our antivirus provides comprehensive protection against all types of malware, including viruses, Trojans, and spyware. Trust our web antivirus to keep your website safe from cyber threats.

Quarantine & Malware Removal Quarantine & Malware Removal
Our web antivirus not only detects malware but also allows you to quarantine and remove it with ease. Once a threat is identified, our antivirus isolates it and prevents it from spreading, protecting your website and its visitors. With just a few clicks, you can remove the malware from your system, ensuring your website remains secure. Trust our web antivirus to keep your website malware-free.

Code Analyze Code Analyze
Our web antivirus utilizes advanced AI technology to analyze code and detect potential threats. With the power of AI, our antivirus can quickly and accurately identify malicious code, even if it's hidden or encrypted. This ensures that your website remains safe from even the most sophisticated cyber attacks. Trust our web antivirus to provide comprehensive protection against all types of malware.

Security Scanner Security Scanner
With our web antivirus, you can easily scan your website for security breaches. Our antivirus uses advanced scanning technology to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats, ensuring that your website remains secure. Whether it's a SQL injection attack or a cross-site scripting attack, our antivirus can detect and prevent it. Trust our web antivirus to provide comprehensive protection against all types of cyber threats.

Heuristic algorithms to detect unknown viruses Heuristic algorithms to detect unknown viruses
Our unique heuristic algorithms detect more than other antivirus solutions. Every website has thousands of files and our antivirus can narrow analyze range of the files for webmasters and website owners.

AI Guard: AI-Driven Cybersecurity for Advanced Virus Protection with Intelligent Threat Analysis AI Guard: AI-Driven Cybersecurity with Intelligent Threat Analysis
At our company, we utilize advanced AI technology to power our web antivirus. Our AI-driven approach employs machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and predictive analysis to detect and prevent cyber threats in real-time. With behavioral analysis and deep learning models, our antivirus can identify and block even the most sophisticated malware and viruses. By leveraging AI, we provide proactive protection against emerging threats, ensuring your website remains secure and malware-free. Trust our AI-powered web antivirus to safeguard your online presence.


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