Wordpress Website Blacklist Monitor

Wordpress Website Blacklist MonitorGoogle blacklists more than 12,000+ websites every day. You can loose up to 99% of traffic if your website has been blacklisted. Google protects its users from dangerous websites that may show up in search results and if your website has dangerous behaviour it gets banned by Google and you loose customers and visitors. Goggle Chrome blocks all your visitors from accessing your site. It is extremly important to keep an eye on your website security and monitor if it gets blocked by Google or other search engines.



Main features:

- Easy to install, easy to use.

- 24/7 Blacklist Monitoring.

- Google, McAfee, Norton, BitDefender, PhishTank, WebSecurityGuard, YandexSafeBrowsing monitoring and other.

- Real-time results.

- Blacklist Email Notifications.

Last Update: 12 Sep 2017 Version: 1.0 Compatibility up to: 4.9.x



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