MalSSH antivirus scanner (Installation and Documentation)

Table of contents:
MalSSH account registration
Download MalSSH antivirus scanner for command line (terminal), WHM/cPanel
Manual & Documentation for MalSSH (terminal version for any server)
Manual & Documentation for MalSSH (WHM/cPanel)

MalSSH account registration


Step 1. Go to account registration page and create your account for server scanner tools.

Step 2. Click ADD LICENSE button to generate the license for your server.

Step 3. Click Download button to get module for terminal version, WHM/cPanel, Plesk hosting panel.


Download MalSSH antivirus scanner


Step 1. Login into your account (If you don't have any account, go to account registration page and create your account for server scanner tools)

Step 2. In your account you will find the list of available licenses, click Download button. (For WHM/cPanel you can use this direct download link)

Step 3. Depends of your server panel select the version you need to download. MalSSH is available for terminal version (command line on any server), WHM/cPanel, Plesk hosting panel.


Documentation for MalSSH (terminal version)


Step 1. Download Terminal version of MalSSH scanner. (How to download see this section Download MalSSH antivirus scanner)

Step 2. Upload MalSSH scanner e.g. to /etc/init.d/ on your server.

Step 3. Add execute permission.

$ chmod u+x /etc/init.d/malssh

Help page:

$ ./malssh -h

Available commands:

malssh [-s path] [-r report ] [-o type]
-s, --scan      path to scan
-r, --report    save report to file (default: malware_report.log)
-o, --output    output type: file|screen|all
                file   - save report to file only
                screen - show report on screen only
                all    - save and show report (default)


$ ./malssh -s="/home/account/public_html/"
$ ./malssh -r="/home/account/report.txt"
$ ./malssh -o="file" -r="/home/account/report.txt"


Documentation for MalSSH (WHM/cPanel)


Please see PDF file with Documentation for MalSSH (WHM/cPanel)