How to harden WP security

Many have seen reports that another site was hacked. Perhaps someone personally came across this. How can a site be hacked, and what protection measures can be taken? We will talk about what needs to be done to protect your site and not become a victim of hackers.

Hacking a site is getting unauthorized access to the site files or to the administration panel of the site management system.

In this article, we will not consider hacking hosting on which the site works, and will focus only on hacking the site itself.

First of all, note that if you do not do anything, then sooner or later the site will be hacked!

The fact is that modern sites on WordPress have about 500 thousand lines of code. Also this code is for the most part open and anyone can analyze it, including the vulnerability. In such a huge array, sooner or later they will find an error, and the attackers will want to use it.

A site on a sample platform, such as WordPress, can be recognized by its signature features. Having crawled your site on a set of signatures, you can find out a lot of details: the name and version of a typical platform, what plugins and extensions are installed and their versions, the list of users, and so on.

There is a huge number of different online scanners that constantly scan the network in search of sites based on this platform. When your site is scanned by one of the scanners, this is a matter of the near future.

In order to make it difficult to scan your site, you can install plugins that will hide the version of WordPress.

It is extremely important for WordPress Security to make periodic updates. Updates not only cover the vulnerabilities found, but can also contain new improved functionality, improve the site’s performance. However, before updating, you should make a backup copy of the site in case there was an error in the update by the developers or something went wrong. It is also important to check the site after the next update.

A common way to hack a site is to get passwords to the administrative panel of the site. How do hackers get passwords? intercept the password that has been transmitted through unprotected HTTP protocol, pick the password by brute force, decrypt the password by accessing the site database.

The best way to protect against this type of attack is to use a secure HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. To protect yourself from such an attack, you need the entire site or at least the administrative panel of your site to be accessible only through the secure HTTPS protocol. This requires an SSL certificate. Certified certificates cost money and have a finite period of validity.

Attack by brute force – is a very common method of attack on the network by WordPress sites. Of course, no one will pick up passwords manually. For the selection of passwords there are special programs.

To ensure security, you need to set a password for the wp-admin folder, rename the page address to enter the administrative menu, grab the input and the forgotten password page, disable the error message for the wrong password, prohibit the enumeration of all users.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to completely secure your site from hacking. The fact is that you need to close all possible loopholes, and the attacker must find only one single one. However, do not be discouraged. If you follow the security rules, then it will be extremely difficult and long to hack your site.