How to Protect osCommerce CMS from Hackers

OsCommerce is one of the most popular content management systems for online stores. Its main advantages are a wide variety of modules and functionals that allow you to create a store of any complexity and any structure. However, it requires a certain professionalism.

OsCommerce is a free open source CMS that can be freely downloaded from the official portal of the system. There are also necessary modules and additions. Help and support can always be obtained in the community of osCommerce, thanks to the participants of which, by the way, there appeared a significant number of additional functionals of the system.

So today we will talk about the osCommerce Security of the online stores and safe behavior on the Internet.

Hacking online store is dangerous for both sides – the shop owner and customers. From the hacked store, attackers steal confidential information: customer contacts, bank card numbers and other valuable information. Hackers can completely break the store. As a result, the seller loses reputation, and buyers – anonymity.

There are a lot of ways to protect your online store from hacking. In this article we will talk about the most accessible.

1. Encrypt the connection

Connect an SSL certificate to the server of your online store to enable a secure connection between the buyer’s browser and the store. This connection is almost impossible to hack. Therefore, an SSL connection is a musthave for any site that processes customer’s personal data.

2. Timely updates

Hackers are constantly finding new vulnerabilities in programs: operating system, browser, CMS. You need to quickly close these holes in security by updates.

3. Two-step authorization

Two-stage authorization is one of the most reliable ways to protect from hacking, so this authorization is used by Internet banks.

After entering the login and password, you receive a message on the phone with an access code. Login to the site is possible only by entering this code in a special field on the authorization page. Even if the attacker receives your password, he can’t enter the site without your mobile phone.

4. Using Password Managers

For osCommerce security, you need to use complex passwords, unique to each resource. In order not to keep all passwords in the head or on a piece of paper under the keyboard, use the password manager. Password Manager will generate reliable passwords for you and store them. Access to passwords in the manager can be obtained only with the help of a master password. So just remember the master password.

5. Protect devices

All previous methods protect you against software hacking. But you can get a completely desperate attacker who will try to access your devices.

Imagine that an attacker has access to the computer from which you manage the site, and the browser is configured to auto-complete passwords. And now access is already in his hands.

To protect devices, set up encryption. The easiest way is to set the administrator password to log in to the computer and the lockscreen on the mobile device.

But it’s better to use advanced encryption. For different devices, different methods.

These methods – just the tip of the security. So start using them now if you are not already using it.