Why Magento Security is Important

Content management system Magento was developed in the US in 2007 by the well-known company Varien. The site management system Magento was developed in the US in 2007 by the well-known company Varien. Free CMS Magento is open-source software, developed on the basis ZendFramework and operates on a UNIX operating system. CMS is primarily suitable for developing large online stores. On this platform, there are already over 100,000 online resources in the network all over the world.

Opportunities and features of Magento

Based on a single Magento platform, you can instantly create several Internet resources and manage them at a time, which is very convenient for administration. The catalog system is well structured, there is the possibility of comparing the goods. Free management of prices for goods, stock additions and gift certificates makes working with the system convenient both for the site administrator and for the buyer, who can choose goods at a discount and sort it according to certain characteristics.

Additionally, Magento offers good opportunities for search engine optimization: access to the html code management; possibility for each product or category to add meta tags description and keywords; for each product you can add the right end in the site address, as well as Magento itself makes XML sitemap to the search engines. Magento provides a multicurrency and currency conversion system. This will become a convenient function for customers, regardless of the country in which they are located.

If you want to run your online store on Magento without using templates, you will need knowledge of HTML markup and CSS styles. However, to work with this CMS, it is best to hire a specialist in this field.

In addition to the platform, free and paid modules are provided that expand the functions of the CMS. All free of charge are recommended to be checked on the test form from the beginning, as many low-quality ones come across. For paid modules free technical support from developers is offered.

So, Magento CMS – a solid and high-quality platform, which is great for creating an online store. In some ways, it can be difficult for an inexperienced user, but its capabilities are much wider than other similar platforms. And if there are no functions in the basic configuration, then you can connect additional modules – at the moment there are more than four thousand different extensions.

Magento Security

The most popular recent version of using a hacked site on Magento is the installation of a spy script that tracks forms and sends the values that they enter to the hacker. So the hacker gets access to the data of bank cards from which customers pay for purchases in the store, as well as personal data of the cardholder. That is, all those values that the buyer enters at the stage of registration of the order.

The script is loaded on any page of the store, but it is active only where sensitive data is entered. Usually, these pages contain in the address fragments “onepage”, “checkout”, “onestep” – ordering pages.
The script extracts data from the fields of the form input, select, textarea, checkbox, forms a message from them and sends them to the attacker’s site through ajax.

To ensure Magento security, it is necessary to install the security patches issued by the manufacturer in a timely manner.