Bruteforce attack

Brute-force attack is the most common attack, used against Web applications. The purpose of this attack is to gain access to user’s accounts by repeated attempts to guess the password of the user or group of users. If the Web application does not have any protective measures against this type of attack, it is quite simple to hack the system. This method of password guessing is good because in the end the password is cracked, but it may take a very, very long time. For modern computers hacking passwords containing up to 8 characters, consisting mainly of letters or numbers, it is very fast. Therefore, the passwords like: qwerty, 1234321, 12passw21 should never be used. At present, a secure password should contain 10-12 characters, uppercase and lowercase letters as well as special characters (~! @ # $%, and others.) It is recommended to change your password at least once a month, thus you break the order of guessing your password, and increase the likelihood that your new password has previously been tested by malware and is not subject to verification. If a person fails to comply with these minimum rules, he puts himself at great risk, because gaining access to one of service, an attacker can easily find access to other personal data.


Anti-bruteforce attack solution

Simple and effective solution against bruteforce attack.

Anti-bruteforce attack solution



Easy to install and easy to use (comes with WordPress, Joomla extensions). Possible to use on custom developed websites
Perfects against different type of the bots and hacking tools.
Works on any type of the servers (shares, VPS, dedicated and etc)
Works perfect on very slow/busy shared servers.
No need to use database (no MySQL usage)
Very low server CPU usage.
Absolutely free


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