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Find bugsDedicated SiteGuarding server. SiteGuarding server keeps and manages all the monitoring, analyzing and notifications functions. For all communications between your website and our server we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. All information about your website is encrypted and secured.

Monitoring ServicesServer-side scanning & Monitoring. SiteGuarding monitoring service creates a snapshot of your site and performs deep website scans of all the files, if something changed, e.g. new files appeared on the website or someone has modified the file content you will be immediately notified.

Find bugsMalware detection. Our website scanner intelligently crawl your website and identify all possible infections/malware and backdoors on your website (Hidden & Malicious iFrames, Backdoors, PHP Mailers, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL and JavaScript injections and etc.)

Report NotificationsNotifications & Alerting. Everyday you will get summary report of all the changes on your website. You will get enough information so that you can take immediate action if it's necessary. You don't need to be an expert to understand what report will say, we will analyze and summarize everything for you.

Clean Malware and SupportMalware removal. Our security experts and engineers ready to find and remove any malware and backdoors on your website, fix the bugs in the code to prevent possibility for the hackers get access to your website in the future.

Cleaned Website. Well DoneWebsite is clean and protected. In the result you will get clean, protected and stable working website. You will NOT lose your visitors, reputation and search engines ranks.

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Website monitoring and scanning

Every day our script starts up on your website and performs a detailed analysis of all files and directories, which make your website work. The analysis includes detecting modified files, finding new and deleted files. Moreover, the script analyses not only the location of a file but also its contents. The file size, the date of modification and the file checksum are analyzed. Even if a hacker changes a single symbol in a file, the scripts will easily detect such modification and inform you thereof. Thus, even if your computer was hacked, and the intruder got access to your website, yet he will not manage to do anything, and if he still manages to do something, then our specialists will immediately take the respective measures.

That's what is considered to be the advantage of our Premium plan. Our specialists are monitoring the activity on your website twenty-four seven, thus providing you with a leak-proof protection.


Virus detection and removal

The primary objective of our service is detecting and removing viruses, trojans and any other malware from your website. Our computer security specialists will be able to help you solve any problems relating to malware installed on your server. Our long-term experience has shown that only a high-skilled specialist can detect and neutralize the virus.


Your website software update

You've probably taken note of the fact that software developers are creating new updates and add-ons to their product over and over again. It's primarily due to the fact that any code contains errors, and any, even the smallest error can become the backdoor for a hacker who will intrude your server and will be able to gain access to personal data of your users. Updating the software installed on your resource in a timely manner is as important as installing antivirus to your home PC. You should not think that your website is not interesting to anybody, and that the intruders have nothing to do with it – it is one of the most often mistakes of the people who become the hacker attack victims. Our specialists can help you install the necessary updates correctly in order to avoid any possible attacks on your website in the future.


Encryption of the scripts and files on your website

One of the main objectives of the hacker attempting to hack your website is getting access to the database. First of all he gets access to configuration files, where he can easily get the passwords to the database; as a matter of fact, if you pay due attention you will see that the passwords are stored open. If you use our file encryption service, then password modification or retrieval will become quite a challenging task for an intruder. If he attempts to modify the encrypted file, then the system will simply give an error, and our specialists will receive the respective notice, in which case they will respond immediately.


Website data backup

We often have to face the situations when we are called on by the people who became the victims of the hackers, and ask to restore their website. Sometimes, actually, for some reasons, the hackers simply delete the databases, the system files and set some kind of a text like "Hacked by Anonymous". In that case the hack of such nature results in irrecoverable consequences. Please, note that the data backup service is included in our Standart and Premium plans by default. That is the service that will save you from any troubles, whether it's a hacker attack or unsuccessful update installation.


Website and application development. New functions for your website

Among other things, we offer you the website creation service. The main emphasis is made by us on security of the code and further promotion of your resource. Our principal difference from our counterparts is our expertise in the field of computer security. We thoroughly monitor all vulnerabilities in the CMS modules and codes, and that's why we perform a thorough analysis before we install any software product to your resource. Also, after project completion, we will be happy to assist you in development of additional functions, modules and plugins providing you with a reasonable discount.