Keep your website secured

Every website needs protection. Millions of websites are getting hacked every day. In order to protect your website from hackers, we provide a wide variety of security measures. But you have to know that you play most important role in your website protection. Here are a few tips to keep your website safe and secure.

Website Antivirus. If you use free CMS like Word Press or Joomla your website needs antivirus. Every day our software stops thousands of attacks to our customers websites. You don't need to have a popular website with millions of visitors a day to become a target for computer thieves. Even if you have one page website you can still be a target for hackers. Our engineers are working hard to improve algorithms of our Website Antivirus and every day we face new malware software that can damage your website.

Free Website Scan We do offer absolutely free website scan that can show you if your website needs software update or if you have a virus on your server. You need to run a website scan at least once a month to see if your website need additional protection.

Security Plugins. You have to use additional security plugins that can add extra security to your website. All our plugins are absolutely free.

We offer a lot of solutions that can help you to keep your website secure. You don't need additional programming knowledge to install our Website Antivirus or security plugins. Spend 5 minutes to save thousands!

Website Security Packages