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If your web store gets hacked it will lead to bad brand reputation and ruined customer trust that takes a lot of time to be restored. Open Cart CMS is open source and a lot of webmasters use third party plugins that may contain backdoors and viruses.

OpenCart Firewall

spam linksHackers seek to compromise a webstore and add pages with the seo spam or inject malicious code into the already existing pages on a site. Our OpenCart Firewall blocks all known attacks on your website and keeps your website and your customers safe and secured.

OpenCart CMS Protection

malware linksSince OpenCart is open source CMS its internal code and file framework are available to a public. While it's a good thing for web developers and coders, it also means that hackers and spammers are familiar with its structure and can occasionally detect and exploit its security vulnerabilities.

OpenCart Malware Removal

hidden linksOur engineers will run a deep scan of your OpenCart CMS core files to isolate any infected and suspicious files from your web store. This scan will also discover any malicious files that should not be on your server. All suspicious files will be removed and we install all security modules your website needs.



time mattersIf your website got hacked - don't wait until it gets blacklisted. You can loose your customers and search engine positions. There is no time to wait, you should act fast!


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OpenCart Protection 
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OpenCart is easy to use, flexible and stable CMS this is why its loved by so many webmasters all over the world. It's open source and very popular, that's why it attracts hackers so much. If you care about your store and your customers, security should be your primary concern. Imagine, just one small security breach can ruin your business and reputation if customer's sensitive information has been stolen. Your business can loose trust and millions of dollars in one day. This is why you have to take OpenCart security seriously and take an action to prevent all possible hackers attacks on your store.

Here is a few steps you have to take to prevent attacks on your website:

  • Protect Directories. Admin folder provides access to a website's administration and if hacker gains control over it he can edit information about products and customers, modify CMS settings or even steal sensitive customer's information. This is really important to protect the admin directory and make it impossible to get access to it.
  • File Permissions. It is recommended to assign 444 or 644 permission types in order to prevent chances of file change or malware injection.
  • SSL Certificate. Getting SSL certificate will give you an extra layer of security. Your customers and visitors will know that their browsing session is safe, and the payment details and personal information is kept secure and encrypted and will never be stolen.
  • OpenCart Antivirus. Millions of websites are getting hacked every day. Online stores have always been a target for hackers and spammers. If you really care about your customers you have to use security modules and plugins to prevent hackers attacks and keep your data secured.
  • Hire a professional. If you have never been dealing with web viruses before its a good idea to hire a professional who can remove all viruses from your website and close all possible backdoors.

Another good idea is to use a highly secured managed OpenCart hosting service. These services are a little more expensive, but they take care of the overwhelming majority of OpenCart security tasks automatically. For example if you use one of our secured hosting packages even if your website has been hacked we will fix all possible issues absolutely free.

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