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Please use the contact form on the left side of the website if you have any questions or comments, concerning our services.

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For urgent questions, please use Live Chat, Telegram or Skype. Security Service on Telegram  Telegram: @SiteGuarding Security Service on Skype  Skype: SiteGuarding Support

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Website Access Details

To provide full security support, we need access details of your website.
Please note: We use HTTPS protocol (Encryption protocol (SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption) to protect your information. We don't share it with 3rd party websites or services. It's available for our support team only.

For any urgent questions we can contact with you by phone or send SMS.

FTP (or sFTP) access details*

To analyze and clean the files, install security tools, we need FTP access to the files of your website.

Important: FTP (or sFTP) account has to point to the folder with the files "/" or "/public_html". If you don't know how to create FTP account, you can provide cPanel details or learn how to create FTP correctly

1. Login into your cPanel account and find FTP accounts icon

2. Fill username, password and set Directory to "/"

Hosting panel details (cPanel, Plesk, GoDaddy and etc)

To analyze server logs, SQL, other FTP accounts we need access to your hosting panel.

Important: Some hackers create the fake FTP accounts or cron jobs on your server. Please fill this section and our team will be able to check your hosting settings.

CMS administrator details (WordPress admin, Joomla admin and etc)

To analyze CMS users and installed extensions we need access to administrator's area.

Other details or comments

Cloudflare and other CDN services create cache of your pages. After the cleaning, malware will be removed from your server, but still can preset in CDN cache. Please provide access details to Cloudflare or CDN services you are using and we will purge CDN cache. You can write the details in the comments.