Update scripts on your website

Update scripts on your websiteUpdating software you use at the server is an important aspect of your website security. Even in the smallest module, plug-in or counter hackers can find a soft spot and make use of it. You need to watch for updates and timely update website and modules. You should update software installed at your website as often as you update an operating system at your PC. But here it's all not that simple either.

Actually, website update is the task to be performed by a qualified specialist. First of all, you might face the problem that your website can lose some of articles, comments, messages. But it's not the most important trouble we've had to deal with. It happened after updating this or that CMS the whole website lost its appearance and modules failed to work. For example, if you use modules developed for Joomla 1.5, and you update the CMS itself to Joomla 3, none of the modules will be working and you will have either to reinstall all the modules or de-update the website. But even here you may have troubles because you do not always have a backup copy of your website.

Our experience has shown that every CMS has its peculiarities, defects and soft spots. Persons supporting website are not always able to perform back up correctly and risk losing a lot of time and customers or may incur serious financial losses. That is why we recommend you to get our assistance. We've been dealing with computer security and website support for many years already. During all these years we've gained a lot of experience and satisfied customers.

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