Website Antivirus Protection

Website Antivirus checks your website for malware, phishing exploits and more than 5,000 common vulnerabilities every day. Our antivirus provides security protection for different types of attacks to keep your website safe and secure.

When you download free CMS or free templates and install it on your server you might don't even know that you have installed a malware code or virus with it. Even if your website has nothing worth being hacked for, websites are getting hacked every day. We receive hundreds of reports every day from our customers. Just like every computer needs antivirus, every website needs antivirus as well. Usually hackers are not trying to still your personal information or website content but use your server as an email relay for spam or to setup a temporary web server to serve files of an illegal nature.

The most effective way to keep your website secure is to install website antivirus. Our antivirus was made to stop any type of hackers attacks. Even if your website already has been hacked our Website Antivirus can detect a malware code and remove it. We use a different algorithms an update our virus database every day. Sometimes it's really complicated to find a small malware code in a huge file. This is why you can send a suspicious file to our engineers and in 24 hours you will get report from our team.

If you run a corporate website or if its just a homepage it needs protection. Especially if you use a free CMS like Word Press or Joomla your website needs protection. Just take a look at statistic: 9,500 websites get blacklisted daily by Google, Microsoft and other search engines just because they have been hacked and thieves have injected a malware code in their website. Site owners loosing traffic, customers and loosing millions of dollars just because they never though about website protection. We have developed a new generation of website antivirus that will take care of your website and take it's security to the next level.

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