WordPress Antivirus

If you use a free CMS your website needs protection. Most of hosting providers are trying to make you think they take care of your website protection but our experience shows thousands of websites are getting hacked every day. Every day we receive a lot of reports from people who have installed our Word Press Antivirus and remove malware code from hundreds of websites. It is not that easy to find a malware code in your CMS files but our antivirus uses unique algorithm that can detect viruses that not in our virus database yet.

If your website has been hacked and hacker has installed a malware code you cam loose a lot of money just because Google banned your website. If you download free plugins for Word Press or install a free template it can contain malware code already. So there is only one solution to detect a malware code or backdoor is to install Word Press Antivirus. It will help you to detect suspicious files and remove or fix them.

Our engineers are updating our viruses database every day. Our customers are sending us new infected files every hour and we do our best to keep your website safe and secure. Unique heuristic algorithm detects suspicious files, and send them to our engineers who analyze them and contact you if they have found a malware code.

Our experience shows that 70% of free templates you can download from Internet contain malware code. Just try to use our Word Press Antivirus absolutely free. No credit card required.

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