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Scanned Pages

We have scanned your website and here is the results:

Total Scanned Pages: 35

Internal Links

If some links are not a part of your website. You need to remove them from your website to avoid any penalties from Google.

Broken links

Links with error 404.

Total Links: 1

Broken Links

Please note that broken links can hurt your sep rankings. You definitely want to fix those.

Links (tag A)

Information about all tags A (href)

Total Links: 85


Please take a look at the links list and make sure all links go to high quality websites.

Links (tag SCRIPT)

Information about all tags SCRIPT (src)

Total Links: 24


These types of links are invisible for users but visible for search engines. Take a look at them and make sure there is no spam or links to malicious websites.

Links (tag IMG)

Information about all tags IMG (src)

Total Links: 49

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A lot of developers and web designers leave their logos with back links to their website. Please take a look at the list and remove links you don't want to see on your website.

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