Protection of Your Website

Many website owners mistakenly believe that work on a website is done as soon as the website has taken the first positions in search queries. However that is not more than common misconception.

Every website needs not only to be updated on an ongoing basis but also to be permanently protected from viruses and hacking. Your website is your company's image, it is an intermediary between you and your customers and if your website happens to be hacked, it will do harm not only to your customers but also to your reputation. In the result you may lose your customers and your earnings. Often it is very difficult for a company to restore its business reputation.

Every day over a hundred thousand websites are hacked by hackers on the Web. Hackers' aim is to install malware as well as to distribute spam with the help of your website. When malware is installed at your server, your gets entered into the blacklist of search systems and when trying to download your webpage users see the following:

If you get banned in search systems, you lose confidence not only of your customers but credence of search systems as well. Website SEO is a time consuming and expensive process, and you will have to start anew. It means all the money and time you have invested into your website have been spent in vain and you will have to begin from the ground up.

Is it possible to protect your website with the help of the installed software?

The answer is both “yes” and “no”. Let's take your PC, for example. You install the latest versions of antiviruses, update operating system but it does not guarantee perfect protection to you. Viruses are created and modified every day, none of the antiviruses is able to ensure 100% protection and only work of highly-qualified specialists, and continuous monitoring of your website and server can provide reliable protection from hacking and loss of data.

When you resort to us, you get not only software which protects your website but also a team of highly-qualified specialists who check your website daily for malware as well as for any modifications or unauthorized access.

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Your website got hacked and blacklisted by Google? Select Security Package to keep your website clean and protected.

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