Website Monitoring and Scanning

One of the services we provide is daily scanning of your website and checking for any malware installed. Our experience has shown that daily website scanning is as necessary as data backup. It is to be noted that the scanning program is a unique project of our programmers; it has been developed and perfected for many years and finally proved to be an excellent tool for website protection service.

Several algorithms for detection of attacks as well as files modifications at your web resource have been incorporated in the last version of the product. Several degrees of analysis allow specifying hazard level of modifications that took place at your website.

High hacking activity has been noticed especially during the last months and first of all in relation to such website management systems as Joomla and Word Press. Apart from that, attacks to hosting providers have been observed, and our experience has proven that hosting providers do not always carefully ensure security of their customers.

When you refer to us and use one of our services you can be sure that you've entrusted your website to highly qualified specialists and do not have to worry about security of your data and data of your customers.

It is the important task of the website monitoring and scanning teams to provide you an insight about any malware which may be installed mistakenly or deliberately on your website. The programmers are responsible for carrying out thorough and complete scanning of your website and each and every content present in it. Among the various projects completed by the programmer, scanning program is a unique one. The developing and final proving of scanning project is very important because it takes years to get the development of a perfect and finally proved program for scanning. It is, in fact, the tool which is for the protection service of the website.

Detecting hacking attacks by algorithms

There are several algorithms developed for the purpose of detection of attacks on the website and its content pages. These algorithms can also detect the modification in files. The incorporation of these algorithms and resources is for incorporation on the last version of the service or product of website. The analysis can be done in many degrees and up to different levels. It allows the specification of the level of harm and its modification so that the possible damage occurring to the website may get minimized.

Importance of website scanning on daily basis

The experience of website monitoring companies also shows that it is very important to keep the backup of your data. It is important because, at many places, the developers have noticed a high level of hacking activity. This activity is observed mainly during the last months when it is at its peak. The websites which are seen to be affected the most are the ones who connect with certain domains as Joomla and Wordpress. In addition to this, we have also observed that the attacks most commonly occur on the hosting providers. Therefore the experiments prove that the hosting providers are usually not much careful about ensuring the state of security for the customer of these websites. Apart from that, attacks on hosting providers are also there, and our experience has proven that hosting providers do not always carefully ensure the security of their customers.

While using the services of website monitoring and inspection, you also have to make sure that you have properly and legally entrusted your website with the qualified specialists of security and development of websites. In these cases, you do not have to worry about the security problems associated with your data and the data of your customers.

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Maintenance of website systems

It may be easy to set up the website by involving the website developers and content management experts, but it can take a lot of time and money to maintain the website. Many website owners avoid the maintenance of website which should not happen, and it should be kept in the priority to maintain the website properly.

Preventive maintenance of website

There is a specific category of website maintenance which is known as preventive maintenance along with its monitoring on a regular basis. Preventive maintenance of your website and regular monitoring can help in avoiding the problems which often lead an incorrect show up of the website and also lead to the arousal of certain issues for visitors of the website. Therefore it is recommended to accomplish this simple task of monitoring of website so that one can timely avoid and check the suspicious changes going on in the websites which may also be damaging to the system. It is also helpful in plugging the abnormal behavior and all the vulnerable points on the website from where the suspicious content may enter into your website.

Regular checking of the error logs on website

In the case of the websites with a large data and a huge content management system network, the vulnerability and chances of hacking increase. Therefore it is very important for these website owners to keep a regular check on the error logs so that they can note down any suspicious activity related to the hacking of content. There are many things which the error logs tell you, and their regular assessment is important for checking any of the hacking activity going on with the website. There are many things which these error logs can tell you. For example:
➢ These error logs identify all the errors in programs existing in the website.
➢ Error logs also identify the types of errors which are made visible to the kinds of visitors and also show the internal pages of websites.
➢ In addition to this, the error logs also identify the issues related to connectivity, firewall, and updating of software.
➢ Regular checking of error logs is helpful in preventing any uninviting issue or problem on the website.
➢ Investigation of the issues using error logs is also easy if their updating and checking are done in time and on a regular basis.

Statistical approach to website monitoring

The management and authorization of the statistics of a website are very important as it gives knowledge about the growth of website and it acts as a positive tool in the determination of the effectiveness of your website. There presently different apps available for the monitoring and calculation of the statistics of a website. Sometimes the control panels of websites get these apps by default which means this app is available for free. In some other cases, these apps are required to be developed by the user.

Significance of maintaining web statistics

Close and regular monitoring of the website statistics allows the user to get all the important information which can be helpful in the determination of patterns and trends of visitor traffic coming to the website. There are some online services available as well which are helpful in determining the traffic of visitors coming to the website and carries on the crucial measurement of the visitor traffic. In addition to this many self-hosted statistical programs are also available presently. The main advantage of these programs is that these are quite helpful in the correct analysis of the data related with streaming of media and mail services.

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