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Every website owner has ever faced attacks on his web resource. Someone may lose money because of hacking attacks and someone the whole business. It sometimes happens that hacking leads to complete loss of ratings in search systems, and Google warns that this website may harm your computer. In this case 90% of customers get lost and it is easier for a website owner to open a new website than to restore reputation and positions in search systems of the previous one. It goes without saying, each case is specific and requires a custom-tailored approach but it is better to prevent hacking than to restore code and restore customer’s confidence later. Below follow the examples of those who run the highest risk and for whom our services are strongly recommended.

1. Those who uses services of freelancers. Of course, many of us have happened to resort to freelancers and these are all strangers who often live abroad. You can judge a person only by rating which can be boosted artificially as well. You know nothing about decency of the person and all that is left to do is to hope that this person will not leave a backdoor in the developed code and you will not be victimized by a hacker who works as a freelancer and at the same time sells accesses to websites allowing malware installation.

You should also understand that you will hardly be able to find out on your own how qualified is the software engineer who has developed the code for you. All people make mistakes. And even the smallest mistake in a developed code may lead to the saddest consequences.

2. Those who uses free CMS. Every website management system is a complicated structure with a complicated software code. Of course, developers issue security system updates on an ongoing basis but hackers also go ahead, their methods get improved and more sophisticated. Consider that most websites on the Web – and these are millions of websites – use free CMS. And when hackers find a soft spot in one of the systems, they start a global attack to all possible websites. Thus, in summer 2013 attacks on Word Press, Joomla and even vBulletin were revealed. Luckily for our customers, all who used our services were warned and avoided sad consequences.

3. Those who uses free or shared hosting. You should take into account that in case you use shared hosting and not your own separate server, when getting access to websites of your neighbor, a hacker can easily get access also to your web resource. It is no good to count on efficiency and expertise of a hosting company. You should realize that most often you deal with agents but not with those who work at data centers. And an agent’s business is to sell but not to care about your security.

4. Those who uses modules developed by third parties. Many developers when issuing a product set as the primary task not security system development but good advertising and increasing the number of sales. Thus, many modules are very vulnerable with lots of bad nonprofessional code.

5. Developers. With the help of our script you can monitor changes introduced by you or your software engineers. Comparing files before and after work you can understand what changes have been introduced and thus to save lots of time and money for your company.

6. Any website owners. If you are a website owner and you are ignorant in software engineering, it will be difficult for you to understand what software engineers you have employed do. Our script will not only show what has been changed but will help to monitor progress of work at your website. For example, you’ve employed software engineers who claim 1,000 USD because task complexity. But a few days have passed and they haven’t even changed a file on your website although they say that work is well under way.

To sum up, we would like to say that every website owner should take measures to protect his web resource. But reliable protection can only be ensured by high-qualified specialists who have long-term experience in this sphere. Remember that any war theory does not imply that an enemy will not attack but stipulates that you have to make an attack impossible.

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